Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How to Paint A Human Face

Here I want to provide a basis for drawing the human face anatomical. Professional painter does not require the user to draw lines, but for new artists to learn, they desperately need a guide to drawing the human face anatomical.

An important first step is to place the guideline do. Draw two large circles and small circles below. Then outline three parallel horizontal lines. Top line is for hair levels.

Center line to the level of the eyebrows and the bottom line is the line below the nose. First and then draw a line under the big circle in the middle of the line. on a permanent basis then in parallel. No need to use a ruler.

Familiarize yourself to not use a ruler to draw a human face as we are not a robot face painting. How big the circle. This is the figure you will be. Learn from the spotlight. For face and facial adult children are different.

Children have a larger circle (the circle above). Children's eye level is slightly down compared to adults.

The next step is to draw the nose and eyes. draw a nose on the line. Then pulled it eyebrows then draw the eye. Part of this is a very important point. Divide the middle of the fifth section. No need to measure, just tweaked just enough for a human face varies. The second and the fourth section is painted eyes. Later I will explain further how to draw eyes.

The last step is drawing the full appearance of the human face. Try to observe the human ear. ear distance is equal to the level of the second and third lines. ear on the same level with the eyebrows. Keep in mind in my experience, sometimes more upraised eyebrow level slightly above the ears.

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